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Super-Fast Data Transfer

24K Gold-Plated Connector

  • This USB Extension Lead is constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize interference.

Reinforced Joint

  • This Extension Cord with reinforced joint bears up to 20,000+ times bending and the gold-plated connectors can bear more than 15,000 times plugging.
  • The PVC case is anti-abrasive.

Durable & Sturdy

  • This USB Extender Cord is made from the high-quality material of PVC, it is more soft and flexible to use, which ensures longer life, and leaves you no broken worries.
Extend Distance for Xbox
Extend Distance for USB Flash Disk
Extend Distance for Printer

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with-1: USB Game Controller/Game Console, Xbox, Webcam, Gamepad, and Oculus VR.

Compatible with-2: Mouse, keyboard, PC, laptop, tablet, Macbook, TV, USB hub, printer, scanner, and camera.

Compatible with-3: Flash drive, Hard Drive, Card reader, Bluetooth adapter, hard drives, WIFI Adapter, etc.

Kindly Tips-1: If the output interface is aging or loose, USB 3.0 data transfer will not be supported.

Kindly Tips-2: If the gold-plated connector is oxidized during use, the data transmission will not reach USB 3.0. So please avoid using it in a humid environment.

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