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Buy Ugreen 20471 Vertical Laptop Stand online. Buy complete range of Laptop Stands on,


Stable and durable

The width can be adjusted with a knob

Soft plastic to protect the edges of the laptop

Perfect for storing and working with a connected screen

Compact dimensions – saves space on the desk

Work comfortably:
The stand is perfect for working with a screen connected to a laptop. You can place your notebook in a convenient holder to save space on your desk, and use the keyboard and external screen. Thanks to this, you will take care of order in the workplace, and your laptop will be safe – no worries about tangled cables or accidental dropping of equipment from the desk. The stand is also the perfect way to store your laptop when not in use. The vertical position means that it does not take up much space and is protected against falls.

Suitable for many devices:
The stand is equipped with a practical knob that allows you to adjust the width of the handle. Thanks to this, the accessory fits most laptops – all with a thickness between 12 and 26 mm.

Safe for hardware:
The accessory is made of a solid zinc alloy, which makes it durable and stable. To protect the surface of the notebook, the places where the handle touches it are lined with a delicate material – soft and protecting against scratching. You can insert and remove your laptop as many times as you like without damaging the casing.

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